Oct 12, 2017

Cloud Enterprise Architect - Pre-Sales

  • Michael Page
  • Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Full time Sales

Job Description

Job Description

Closely work with customers to ensure their cloud architecture is successfully implemented by assisting them in building their applications and services on the platform. - Create and present solution architecture designs to C-level/senior personnel. - Responsible for understanding the unique requirements of customers and partners, and provide appropriate technical cloud solutions and architecture designs based on our cloud services. - Provide assistance to customers and partners in migrating their existing IT system onto Cloud platforms. This includes providing migration technique support for both applications and databases. - Responsible for demo development and testing services.

The Successful Applicant

- A background in IT, computer science and/or cloud computing with a good understanding of networking, servers, storage systems, enterprise applications and the cloud.

- A minimum of 3 years experience working and consulting on enterprise architecture design and has a strong understanding of customer needs and requirements. Experience working or studying abroad is preferred.

- Expert knowledge and understanding of cloud architecture design and familiar with architecture methodology and practice in internet based applications/websites. Must also be familiar with procedures and tools for application migration and cloud/virtualization solutions for enterprise customers.

- Experience with Java/PHP/Python/Scala/Go/C++ development, familiar with JDBC, XML, Web Service and design patterns. Experience with Structs, Hibernate, Tomcat or Weblogic server.

- Familiar with, and able to setup environments and do testing independently on Redis/MySQL/PostgreSQL/NoSQL DB/Hadoop/Spark...

- Excellent writing, proofreading and editing skills. Able to create documentation that can express cloud architectures using text and diagrams.

- Able to work under high pressure, a quick learner with a passion for cloud technology. Able to think strategically about businesses, products and technical challenges.

- Good communication skills, a good team player and has professional attitude to work

- Fluent English is required

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Working Experience

2 Years

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