Jun 29, 2020

Safety Officer

  • General Consult UAE
  • Dubai
Full time Management

Job Description

Safety Officer Vacancy in Dubai


Must be able to prepare documentation, supervise on site, know DM requirements/laws etc.


  1. Ensure that suitable and relevant Health and Safety measures are in place across company offices and project sites.
  2. Ensure awareness and understanding of the Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Plans that are in place across company offices and project sites and that they are strictly observed and complied with.
  3. Stay abreast of any change in regulation or legislation relevant to the management of Health and Safety and advise the Safety Manager accordingly.
  4. Ensure adequacy of emergency procedures, first-aid facilities, safety signs and Personal Protective Clothing and/or Equipment.
  5. Conduct safety inductions for the site workforce.
  6. Maintain the necessary safety related records such as records of training, proof of certification and tests, material safety data sheets etc.
  7. Perform regular and random inspections on site and maintain records of the results.
  8. Report unsafe conditions or defects in plant or equipment to the Safety Manager and Project Manager.
  9. Review the Health and Safety Plans of sub-contractors for approval prior to their establishment on site in compliance with the Project Health and Safety Plans.
  10. Ensure sub-contractors operate in a safe manner in compliance with the Health and Safety Policy and Health and Safety Plans.
  11. Liaise with the Site Supervisor/Manager and clients, to control the Permit To Work and Lockout system.
  12. Ensure the maintenance of a high standard of housekeeping at all times.
  13. Compile incident reports for submittal to the client and the authorities.
  14. Conduct investigations into incidents, analyses their causes, establish trends and identify necessary preventive actions.
  15. Ensure that Risk Assessments are performed prior to the execution of work and that the resultant avoidance/ preventative/mitigation measures are in place.
  16. Conduct and maintain records of Toolbox Talks.


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