Feb 10, 2020

Filipino Photographer

  • General Consult UAE
  • Dubai
Full time Media-Journalism

Job Description

Filipino Photographer Vacancy in Dubai


Job brief

We are looking for a passionate Photographer to capture every events of the company, take photos and create a video for the products. The successful candidate will be able to achieve technical, qualitative and quantitative goals while meeting projects needs and deadlines.


Capture and process images until you achieve desired results.

Constantly improve image quality using various editing methods.

Use and maintain modern and traditional technical equipment (cameras, lenses etc)

Arrange objects, scenes, lighting and background to adhere to specifications.

Archive photographic images and maintain database.

Maintain an in depth understanding of photographic best practices and procedures.


Proven professional shooting experience

Eye-catching portfolio

Proficient with traditional and modern equipment.

Solid knowledge of PhotoShop, Capture One or other photography specific software.

Shooting, lighting and printing skills

Competency in applying photographic best practices and techniques.

Knowledge of production process for online publishing and various printing applications.

Ability to juggle multiple tasks

Photography degree or similar


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