Jun 14, 2019

Power Plant Engineer

  • General Consult UAE
  • Dubai
Full time Engineering

Job Description

Electrical and Power Plant Engineer Vacancy

  • Demonstrates Proficiency in the operational, maintenance and design standards of UPS and DC Plant system, Diesel Generator and Low Voltage Distribution Systems as per Engineering specifications.
  • Assesses all tasks related to the operations and maintenance of Exchanges and Data Centre Building Electrical and Power Plant Systems and determines project scope and specifications.
  • Interfaces effectively with personnel from within and outside the Unit in order to address issues related to Building electrical services.


  • Provides technical, administrative support, project management, and coordination to the installation, testing and commissioning process for all Building Electrical and Power Plant Systems infrastructure.
  • Ensures compliance with the prescribed Operation and Maintenance procedures, guidelines and standards with respect the Property Management function required for a specific project.
  • Ensures the Electrical and Power Plant Systems facilities operational parameters is in top condition.





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