Jun 13, 2019


  • Al Ranan LLC
  • Dubai
Full time Accounting Admin-Clerical

Job Description

We are an exciting company of 14 employees looking to hire an accountant cum administrator for the company. The job responsibilities would be:-
- Book keeping
- Extremely good organizational skills
- Manage up to date accounts with Tally/ Quickbooks (Knowledge in Tally MUST)
- PRO (Making and cancelling visas)
- Deal & manage laborers
-Screen calls
- Deal with all non-income related admin activities
- Find the price for procurement of items.
-Provide Quotes and Invoices
- Inventory Management
- List of broken items
- Make sure people are on time
- Make announcements
- Make sure cleanliness is maintained (5S) Maintained
- Ensure work order and communications are maintained on projects.
- Measure worker productivity
- Hire workers
- Project management - meet time and cost
- Check and follow up material in and out

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