Jun 22, 2018

Planning Engineer

  • Rollxn Recruitment
  • Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates
Full time Engineering

Job Description

Advanced knowledge with MS Project and Primavera required.
Experience in interior fit-out contracting.
Experience in GCC region is a must.

Understanding the scope of the project
Constructing a network of work appropriate for the specific project
Identifying the best series of events in the correct order for the project to finish on time and on budget
Developing detailed yet simple to understand schedules and graphs
Producing visual aids to help explain the schedule of work, including bar charts and network diagrams
Using specialist computer software to help keep the project on course
Monitoring the progress of the project at different stages of its development
Making sure the achieved progress on the project fits the progress anticipated in the schedule
Keeping in contact with the project manager
Making adjustments to schedules if necessary
Liaising with individuals on the project (who may be in another country) via video conference
Providing advice to people involved in the project

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Working Experience

3 Years

Basic Salary


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