Jun 21, 2018


  • General Consult UAE
  • Ajman - United Arab Emirates
Full time Construction

Job Description

Job Details
Experience as a Foreman with UAE Driving license
Indian or Pakistani preferable

Ensure all new hires receive their required orientation, and attend company designated training.
Monitor and manage employee attendance, ensuring the timely arrival and participation of all crew members, and notifying employees of rain days, prior to the start of the work.
Delegate tasks and accountabilities, instruct, supervise, lead and direct base crew.
Liaise between the company and employees on a variety of employee related matters.
Comply with relevant legislation regarding employee management, terminations and resignations.
Handle and thoroughly investigate all employee concerns
Conduct daily and weekly safety meetings and inspections.
Review safe work plans/hazard assessments with crew prior to job commencement.
Work with Safety Department to investigate damage, incidents or near misses in the worksite, and ensure proper procedures are carried out according to the Company’s Safety Program.

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