Apr 16, 2018

Sales Coordinator

  • General Consult UAE
  • Dubai
Full time Sales

Job Description

Produces reports based on the sales of employees in the sales department


Creates new and innovative ideas to sell product


Responds to any inquiries from the consumer


Evaluates the performance of salespeople


Hires and fires sales team members when necessary


Reads and evaluates sales reports


Meets monthly sales goals as provided by management


Makes sure that sales orders are delivered in a timely fashion and according to the desires of customers


Settles upon delivery dates and times with other departments to make sure that the consumer interaction is of the utmost of professionalism


Makes presentations to management which explain how to meet sales goals and talk about any new innovative ideas that management may have.


Assists the marketing department in new marketing campaigns


Makes sales goals and assists other members of the sales department in meeting them.


Strong computer skills and understanding of spreadsheet software.


Self-motivated and comfortable working with little or no direction.


Excellent interpersonal communication skills


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