Jan 23, 2018


  • Al Nahiya
  • Ruwais
Full time Engineering

Job Description

Carries out routine extensive none destructive testing of equipment and piping both on stream and of stream, for refinery, GUP, SHT, and jetties etc. using necessary NDT equipment. Maintains dark room in good order and inspection instruments and tools in proper working condition. Maintains Ultrasonic thickness data in Pacer system. Receives radio Isotope, storage and safe handling of hazardous radio Isotope. Carries out necessary NDT during plant commissioning and collects base thickness measurements for piping, vessels and storage tanks and updates the data into Pacer system. Skill set Completion of Secondary (12 years) education followed by 2 years Diploma in any engineering discipline with valid ASNT Level II certificates in DP, MPT, UT & RT Techniques. 5 years’ experience in non-destructive testing work in a petroleum /chemical plant. Good written and spoken English. Knowledge of Arabic language is preferable

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