Jan 13, 2018

Senior Life Guard

  • Marriott International
  • Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Full time Professional Services

Job Description

To respond to any emergency that may arise within an area of Operations supervision. Taking control of the situation by providing/supervising first responder first aid when required while maintaining adequate personal protection at all times. Ensuring adequate hand over to any senior colleague members arriving at the scene in order to maintain the highest standards of safety and care. Ø Ensure Lifeguards provide surveillance of swimmers (10/20) Ø Ensure Lifeguards address environmental concerns. Ø Ensure Lifeguards exhibit attentiveness to their zone of protection. Ø Ensure Lifeguards exhibit a professional behavior/demeanor. Ø Ensure Lifeguards are Rescue Ready at all times. Ø Ensure Lifeguards exhibit proactive bottom, entry & exit scans during rotations. Ø Ensure Lifeguards exhibit a rotation without loss of eye contact. Ø Ensure that the Lifeguard location allows visual surveillance of entire zone. Ø Ensure that the Lifeguard location allows immediate access to rescue.

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