Jobs For Ugandans in Dubai

Many Ugandans have shifted to looking for Jobs in Dubai after a recent wave of Unemployment in the country. Many young graduates have been left jobless due to lack of employment opportunities and Jobs opportunities in Uganda

This has led to an influx of Ugandan workers to the Middle East countries like Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kuwait and Oman.  Many recruitment agencies have been licences by the government of Uganda . Though there are big jobs websites in Uganda, like Hot Uganda Jobs, many job seekers have still failed to find jobs. 

The best next solution has been to look for Jobs in Dubai. Below are the common ways Ugandan can find Jobs in Dubai

Online Websites

Many Ugandans have successful got jobs in Dubai, UAE through online jobs website like Amito Jobs. A person just checks on a job from the Amito Jobs websites and if he or she meets the requirements , they will apply. In case they are lucky, they will be called by the company they applied to. Normally, the company sends the Visa and Air Ticket 

Visit Visa 

Other Ugandans get Visit Visa's to Dubai and then search Jobs from the UAE. A visit visa will allow a person to stay in UAE for a maximum of 3 months. People in Uganda use this opportunity to come to the UAE and then look for jobs from here. 

Recruitment Agencies 

Another popular method which Ugandan jobs seekers use is to pass through the Licences recruitment companies. These companies outsource labour for other companies in UAE. However, a person may need to spend some money on such companies before passing through to UAE