Sales Jobs in Dubia, UAE

Many people come to UAE looking for Sales Jobs in Dubai.  Dubai is a modern city with many multinational companies which has let to availability of jobs in Sales.  There are many people coming from all parts of the world to look for employment opportunities. At this moment, Indians make up the majority of foreign workers followed by Pakistanis and Filipinos. Others include Bangladeshis and many Africans

Sales jobs in Dubai can be found in nearly all sectors, there are Dubai sales jobs in the Banking sector , Sales jobs in the Hospitality industry and many other industries and sectors including the service sector. Actually, Sales Jobs in Dubai are very popular compared to other jobs. Since Dubai is a business city with many people coming from parts of the world to make trade from here, selling then becomes a major job category. Business men try to sale to the many traders coming from all parts of the world plus sales to the population here

The easiest way to find Sales Jobs in Dubai is through Jobs websites. Many websites have Sales Jobs in Dubai Category.  On Amito Jobs which is currently the most popular websites for Dubai sales Jobs, you can see a Category for Sales Jobs on the home page.  You will find hundreds of jobs and you will be able to apply for any. You can also register your CV so that you can easily be found be found an by employers

Some of the most popular employment opportunities under sales include;

Sales Representatives,   

Account Executive,

Outside Salesperson

Account Manager

Inside Salesperson

Sales Support

Sales Engineer

Business Development Managers

Account Managers

Sales Support

Development reps

Territory Representative

Direct sales

Indirect sales

Online sales

Tele sales

Door to door sales

Business to business sales

Sales Assistant

Field Sales

Sales Account Executive

And many others

Actually, You can find sales jobs in the Real Estate Sector, Medical Sales Jobs, Manufacturing, Independent sales or even IT sales Jobs.

As a sales person, you will be expected to sell retail products, goods and services to customers. You will need to work with customers to generate leads and ensure a smooth buying process. You will also be required to have good communication skills, customer care skills and persistence. Normally, people with at least a high school qualification are considered for these jobs though education requirements normally change depending on a particular job.

The main Job roles under the sales jobs category include the following;

You may be required to Present, promote and sell products/services

Establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships

You may be required to organize sales visits to client in Dubai and other parts of UAE

Demonstrating and presenting products to customers

Coordinate sales effort with team members and other departments

Greet and assist customers as they shop for new products

Suggest applicable and relevant upsells to help customers walk out the door with everything they need

Learn how products work and how to troubleshoot issues with customers

Reviewing sales performance is also key since many sales jobs also have a commission component

Negotiating contracts and packages around Dubai and other Emirates

Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule

Analyze the territory/market’s potential, track sales and status reports

Prepare and submit weekly sales reports to management

It will also be your role to maintain records of sales and customers for follow up and giving the necessary feedback to management. A good sales person should also attend some seminars and exhibitions though this is normally catered for by the employer

Since Dubai is a big city, identifying new markets is a key component

It is good to know that Dubai is not the only area in Dubai where you can find sales jobs, even though many people concentrate their job search around Dubai, you can also easily find Sales Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Sales Jobs in Ajman, Sharjah . Sales Jobs in Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sales in Umm Al Quwain.  However, its is easier to get jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi followed by Ajman and Sharjah

It will also be good to get a copy of a current news paper and check the job section. There are many sales jobs which are listed everyday all over the United Arab Emirates. The many recruitment agencies in UAE can also be of a great help for anyone looking for a Job in Dubai. The most popular method of job search while in Dubai has been the Door to Door job search methods where job seekers drop their CV in any place they suspect to have a job.

Sales Jobs in Dubai can really be rewarding to depending on the performance. Some people are earning thousands of dollars very month and the less performers end up getting little money. It will also depend on the type of Sales Job you have got. Some have fixed benefits yet others do not have