Jobs in Fujairah – Get Fujairah Job Vacancies

Fujairah is one of the seven Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates. Finding of Jobs in Fujairah has not been as easy as the other Emirates which are more developed. That said, Fujairah still has many job opportunities for Job seekers.

The State of Fujairah is also a mountainous state with its only coastline on the side of the Gulf of Oman.  Due to the many changes being done now, it is no longer as hard as it was it to find Jobs Vacancies in Fujairah.  A person looking for employment in Fujairah can try the many private sectors, in the past, most people in the where being employed by the state

There are now many schools in Fujairah.  That means that there are opportunities for teachers, matrons, cleaners and many other jobs which come with the presence of schools.  Many of those schools even cater for expats in the areas.

A person can also get hotel jobs in Fujairah, the many jobs which can be found in hotels include cleaner jobs, waters, waitresses, housekeeping jobs,  cashiers,  accountants, cooks, chefs, and management jobs. For those who want to want in the health sector, you can try you luck in the Fujairah Hospitals and Clinics. The government of Fujairah normally meets the medical bills of the locals and the health workers are paid well. There are also many government medical clinic which employment many people. There are also some private hospitals like the Thumbay Hospital which also increase on the number of medical vacancies available

You can also get jobs in the Fujairah Malls which are thieving at the moment. Many Jobs exists in Fujairah Malls especially for  shop attendants, sales people, marketing jobs and security guard jobs. Many of them are even well paying. Some of the Fujairah Malls which have many jobs include;  LuLu Mall Fujairah, Fujairah City Centre,  Century Mall , Fujairah mall and Fathima Shopping Center in Fujairah

It is also good to remember that the Emirate has some busy sea ports with large scale shipping operations which take place every day. This has led to the creation of many jobs from that side. Jobs at the ports can include Cargo Loaders, Repairer, Ware house Jobs, Store Keeping Jobs, Management Jobs and so many others

Fujairah also has some Banks which provide Employment, most popular of these is the Fujairah National Bank (FNB) which is a major bank though the UAE. A person can apply in any of the Banks located in Fujairah


There are also some Industrial Jobs in Fujairah , May industries are not being constructed in the state. In the past, only the Cement factory in Dibba was the only popular one. However, there are now many flourishing industries and the state now has a free Zone which is making it easier for more industries to be set up. The state also has a flourishing construction industry with many jobs for grabs . Many Jobs can also be found at the Fujairah Municipality

When we talk about Recruitment Agencies in Fujairah,  its best you use the country wide Recruitment Agencies. You can use one in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but ask them to place you in Fujairah. It would be easier for you as a job seeker

The easiest way to find Jobs in Fujairah is through Online Job Portals has a full category for jobs in Fujairah. Other big online job sources include Indeed, Dubbizzle and Dubai BB. You can check them out for Jobs in Fujairah.  But you should not that Fujairah is a small state and the Jobs are not as many as Jobs in Dubai, Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or even Ajman. The state has less than 200,000 people but it is a growing one due o recent developments taking place

Just for your security, you should never send any money to anyone claiming to be a recruiter, it is illegal to solicit money from Job seekers in UAE. There are many scammers who set up fake jobs for the purposes of falsely soliciting money from people.  If anyone asks you for money to get a Job in Fujairah of United Arab Emirates as a whole, just cut off any dealing with that person.