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Jobs in Dubai Mall If you want to get a job in the Dubai Mall, this information is going to help you. There are many jobs in Dubai Mall and getting them is not hard as long as you are smart in your job search. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world which has contributed to the number of jobs available. The Mall is under the Emaar Malls developed under Emaar Properties. If you want to be employed by the Dubai Mall management its self, then you should consider taking your CV to Emaar Malls who run the Dubai Mall. They also have other Malls in the UAE like the Dubai Marina Mall, Gold and Diamond Park Mall and others which they run. By any chance, you may be posted to any of them However, for those who just want to be employed particular business inside the Dubai Mall, then you can get the best advice from this article. First, you should remember the Dubai Mall has more than 1200 shops, that one is a first indicator of the availability of Jobs in the Mall. Shops normally have a variety of jobs vacancies ranging from shop keepers, sales executives, sales agents, shop managers, receptionists, security jobs and many others. This may require you to write so many Cvs and drop them to different shops. This is normally done with those with Visas and are already looking for jobs from inside the UAE The Dubai Mall also known as  دبي مول‎‎ "Dubay mwl" also has a number of Jobs in the Hotel and Restaurant section. It has more than 120 restaurants and café plus a large hotel with more than 300 rooms. That’s simply means that there will be many Dubai Mall vacancies in that section. Some of the vacancy opportunities include cooks, waiters, waitresses, chefs, restaurant managers, restaurant and hotel supervisors, housekeeping attendants and many other jobs which fall in that sector More Job vacancies in Dubai Mall can be found in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo which houses hundreds of water species, the place gets so many visitors are employees are needed on regular basis. There is also the SEGA Republic which is one of the largets indoor theme parks with hundreds of games to choose from. There is also the Reel Cinemas which is also one of the largest Cinema houses in the world. For those who enjoy working with Kids, you may need to drop your CV at KidZania which is a very large Kids park However, you should not that nearly all kinds of Job roles and vacancies can be found in the Dubai Mall or another Shopping Mall in Dubai. You can find both low end jobs (casual jobs) like cleaners and high end jobs in the management section. All jobs ranging from IT Jobs, Human Resource, Electrical, Engineering and all others can be found in the Dubai Mall. Just write CV and drop it. Jobs in Dubai Mall with Visa are easier to get. For those without a Visa, the employer can sponsor you and you get one. There are also many other shopping malls in Dubai where you can get employment opportunities. Below is a list of some of the large Malls in Dubai where you can find Jobs Dubai Mall Mirdiff City Centre Mall of the Emirates                           Deira City Centre BurJuman        Festival Waterfront Centre                 Ibn Battuta Mall Lamcy Plaza    Mercato Shopping Mall Wafi Mall Ghurair Centre Century Mall Dubai                Dragon Mart   Dubai Marina Mall                  Dubai Outlet Mall Grand City Mall Grand Shopping Mall Jumeirah Plaza Jumeira Beach Center Jumeirah Town Center Khan Murjan   Wafi City The above is a list of some of the most Popular Malls in Dubai where you can apply for a Job. Just make sure you have written a good CV. You may even be lucky to find a walk in Interview when you have just dropped a CV
For people looking for jobs in Dubai , UAE, the first place to run to are the job Websites. Fact, is, there are many job websites which list current and latest jobs in UAE. Many of them list vacancies from all Emirates.  However, most of them jobs listed are from Dubai, followed by Jobs in Abu Dhabi , Jobs in Sharjah, and Ajman. The Emirates of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain do not have many jobs compared to the first. It is also advised for Job seekers to be very careful when searching job websites. There are some bad people who post fake jobs for their own bad motives. A good Job website should be able to moderate the jobs posted to weed out the bad jobs. Below is the list of the top Job websites in Dubai Amito There is no doubt that is one of the best Job websites in Dubai, UAE.  The website is well organized and all services are free. has a large number of Jobs compared to most of the Job Websites in UAE. Job seekers can easily register and upload their CVs or Resumes. Then employers will find them through the resume search feature. This is why it is good for Job Seekers to have a profile on Amito Jobs.  Employers can also post Jobs for Free and this is one of the reasons why the job board has so many jobs listed on it. Indeed is a popular job search website in the United Arab Emirates. Actually, Indeed is a job search engine which collects jobs from most of the job boards in Dubai. Since many vacancies area aggregated from other job boards, you can easily find thousands of jobs from Indeed. The company is based in United States of America but is present in more than 50 countries across the world. Trovit is another Job aggregator which is also very popular in Dubai. The website also collects jobs from other jobs website in Dubai, UAE. This makes it possible for Trovit to gather thousands of Jobs in one place so that a job seeker will not have to move from one site to another searching for Jobs. Trovit is based in Spain and is also present in more than 50 countries This is one of the oldest jobs websites in Dubai. The company has headquarters in Canada though it was bought by an Indian investor.  Job seekers pay money to have chances of being found by Employers. Other Job websites There are many other job websites in Dubai which a job seeker can also use to get Jobs in Dubia or any other Emirate. These include or just Bayt, Naukri Gulf, Gulf Talent or just GulfTalent, Dubizzle, Edarabia, Monster Gulf, Laimoon, Dubai Jobs and many others
For all people who want to work in Dubai, Knowing the Salary you will work for is Important. That’s why many people are more concerned about the Dubai Jobs Salary before they take up a job opportunity. There are also some people who have ended up getting less Salary simply because they can’t negotiate a good Salary However, the Jobs in Dubai salaries also depend on the type of job you have got. Since it may not be possible for a person in Dubai to have two jobs at the same time as it is done in other countries, getting a job with a proper Salary would be the best option. You should know that the Salaries in Dubai and UAE vary depending on the job you are doing, some jobs have lower salaries, Cleaners and House Maids will of course get far lower salaries than those doing high end management jobs. This article cannot list all the jobs and their salaries but, I list just a few so that you can have a good idea of the Salary you should expect Please also note that Salaries in UAE may also change depending on the market, time and sometimes the nationality. A person from an Asian country may get lower Salary than a person from a Western Country Another factor which will determine your Salary in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or UAE as a whole are your qualifications. The higher the qualifications, the higher the salary. Please also note that your negotiation skills  also influence the salary you will get. Most Jobs in Dubai will require you have good negotiation skills if you are to have a better Salary The salaries listed below are also average salaries depending on the current market situation. However, since companies and businesses in UAE have different budgets, you may find that some companies offer salaries which are above the one listed below and some offer salaries which are above The list below also including both the high paying jobs in Dubai and the Low paying Jobs in Dubai. It all depends on what is best for you  Assistant Restaurant Manager Salaries 7000 SALARY AED Bartender Salaries SALARY AED 3,500 Catering Supervisor Salary SALARY AED 5,000 Chef SALARY AED 6,000 Cook SALARY AED 3,500 Executive Chef  SALARY AED 20,500 Restaurant Manager SALARY AED 9,500 Restaurant Supervisor  SALARY AED 5,000 Account Assistant  SALARY AED 4,000 Accountant SALARY AED 5,000 Accountant Assistant SALARY AED 4,000 Accountant General SALARY AED 5,500 Accounting Assistant SALARY AED 4,500 Accounting Clerk SALARY AED 4,500 Accounting Manager SALARY AED 14,500 Accounts Executive SALARY AED 5,000 Accounts Manager SALARY AED 10,500 Accounts Officer SALARY AED 7,000 Accounts Supervisor SALARY AED 8,500 Assistant Accountant SALARY AED 4,000 Audit Associate SALARY AED 7,500 Audit Manager SALARY AED 12,500 Audit Senior SALARY AED 10,000 Auditor Salaries SALARY AED 7,000 Cashier Salaries SALARY AED 3,000 Chief Accountant SALARY AED 12,000 Cost Accountant SALARY AED 6,500 Cost Controller SALARY AED 10,000 Head Cashier SALARY AED 4,000 Internal Auditor SALARY AED 9,500 Junior Accountant SALARY AED 4,000 Management Accountant SALARY AED 11,000 Night Auditor SALARY AED 4,000 Payroll Accountant SALARY AED 11,000 Project Accountant SALARY AED 7,500 Senior Accountant SALARY AED 9,500 Senior Auditor SALARY AED 13,500 Senior Internal Auditor SALARY AED 18,500 Admin Assistant SALARY AED 5,000 Admin Clerk SALARY AED 4,000 Admin Coordinator SALARY AED 6,000 Admin Executive SALARY AED 5,500 Admin Manager SALARY AED 10,000 Admin Officer SALARY AED 6,500 Admin Secretary SALARY AED 5,000 Admin Supervisor SALARY AED 7,000 Archive Clerk SALARY AED 3,500 Assistant SALARY AED 5,000 Assistant Administrator SALARY AED 5,000 Clerk SALARY AED 3,500 Data Entry Clerk SALARY AED 3,000 Data Entry Operator SALARY AED 3,500 Document Controller SALARY AED 5,500 Executive Assistant SALARY AED 11,000 Executive Secretary SALARY AED 7,000 Front Desk Officer SALARY AED 4,500 Front Office Executive SALARY AED 4,500 Front Office Manager SALARY AED 13,500 Front Office Supervisor SALARY AED 4,500 Office Admin SALARY AED 6,000 Office Assistant SALARY AED 3,000 Office Clerk SALARY AED 3,500 Office Coordinator SALARY AED 4,500 Office Manager SALARY AED 11,500 Office Secretary SALARY AED 4,000 Office Staff SALARY AED 3,000 Personal Assistant SALARY AED 10,000 Project Administrator SALARY AED 8,500 Project Secretary SALARY AED 6,500 Receptionist SALARY AED 4,000 Secretary SALARY AED 4,500 Secretary Cum Document Controller SALARY AED 6,000 Secretary Cum Receptionist SALARY AED 4,000 Senior Administrator SALARY AED 10,000 3D Visualizer SALARY AED 7,000 Architect SALARY AED 10,000 Architectural Draftsman SALARY AED 6,500 Architectural Draughtsman SALARY AED 7,000 Architectural Engineer SALARY AED 11,500 Design Architect SALARY AED 11,000 Draughtsman SALARY AED 6,500 Interior Architect SALARY AED 13,000 Structural Draftsman SALARY AED 8,500 Site Architect SALARY AED 18,500 Senior Draftsman SALARY AED 10,000 Senior Architect SALARY AED 23,500 Project Architect SALARY AED 11,500 Junior Architect SALARY AED 7,500 Junior Architect SALARY AED 7,500 Interior Designer SALARY AED 8,000 Assistant Restaurant Manager SALARY AED 7,000 Bartender SALARY AED 3,500 Catering Supervisor SALARY AED 5,000 Chef SALARY AED 6,000 Cook SALARY AED 3,500 Executive Chef SALARY AED 20,500 Head Chef SALARY AED 13,000 Restaurant Manager SALARY AED 9,500 Restaurant Supervisor SALARY AED 5,000 Auto Cad Draftsman SALARY AED 5,000 Auto Cad Draughtsman SALARY AED 5,000 Graphics Designer SALARY AED 5,500 Mechanical Design Engineer SALARY AED 8,000 Senior Graphic Designer SALARY AED 10,000 Senior Interior Designer SALARY AED 13,500 Cabin Crew SALARY AED 15,000 Call Center Agent SALARY AED 4,500 Camp Boss SALARY AED 4,500 Concierge SALARY AED 3,500 Customer Care Executive SALARY AED 4,500 Customer Care Representative SALARY AED 5,500 Customer Relationship Manager SALARY AED 12,500 Customer Relationship Officer SALARY AED 6,000 Customer Service Agent SALARY AED 5,500 Customer Service Associate SALARY AED 3,500 Customer Service Executive SALARY AED 5,000 Customer Service Manager SALARY AED 18,000 Customer Service Officer SALARY AED 5,500 Customer Service Representative SALARY AED 4,500 Customer Service Supervisor SALARY AED 8,000 Guest Service Agent SALARY AED 3,500 Key Account Executive SALARY AED 9,000 Property Consultant SALARY AED 8,000 Relationship Manager SALARY AED 13,000 Relationship Officer SALARY AED 5,500 Reservation Agent SALARY AED 4,000 Senior Customer Service Executive SALARY AED 6,000 Senior Customer Service Representative SALARY AED 5,500 Senior Relationship Manager Salaries SALARY AED 13,500 Senior Relationship Officer SALARY AED 8,500 Senior Travel Consultant SALARY AED 8,500 Travel Consultant SALARY AED 5,000 Assistant Professor SALARY AED 15,500 Assistant Teacher SALARY AED 3,500 Faculty SALARY AED 38,500 LecturerSALARY AED 14,500 Librarian SALARY AED 8,000 Primary Teacher SALARY AED 6,000 Professor SALARY AED 6,000 Teacher SALARY AED 9,500 Teaching Assistant SALARY AED 5,000 Trainer Salaries SALARY AED 8,500 Training Coordinator SALARY AED 7,500 Training Manager SALARY AED 18,000 Assistant Quantity Surveyor SALARY AED 7,500 Assistant Resident Engineer SALARY AED 22,500 Civil Foreman SALARY AED 5,000 Construction Manager SALARY AED 27,500 Field Engineer SALARY AED 12,000 Field Operator SALARY AED 6,500 Field Service Engineer SALARY AED 17,500 Land Surveyor SALARY AED 7,000 Mechanical Site Engineer SALARY AED 8,000 Project Engineer SALARY AED 10,000 Senior Civil Engineer SALARY AED 22,000 Senior Structural Engineer SALARY AED 25,000 Site Engineer SALARY AED 7,000 Site Inspector SALARY AED 11,500 Site Manager SALARY AED 14,000 Site Supervisor SALARY AED 5,500 Structural Design Engineer SALARY AED 12,000 Structural Draughtsman SALARY AED 9,000 Structural Engineer SALARY AED 10,500 Aircraft Technician SALARY AED 10,000 Biomedical Engineer SALARY AED 7,000 Chemical Engineer SALARY AED 6,000 Electrical Design Engineer SALARY AED 8,000 Electrical Draftsman SALARY AED 6,500 Electrical Foreman SALARY AED 4,000 Electrical Inspector SALARY AED 11,500 Electrical Site Engineer SALARY AED 6,000 Electrical Supervisor SALARY AED 6,500 Electrical Technician SALARY AED 4,000 Electronics Engineer SALARY AED 6,000 Electronics Technician SALARY AED 3,500 HVAC Technician SALARY AED 4,000 Industrial Electrician SALARY AED 3,500 Inspection Engineer SALARY AED 14,500 Instrument Engineer SALARY AED 8,500 Instrument Technician SALARY AED 6,000 Maintenance Supervisor SALARY AED 7,500 Maintenance Technician SALARY AED 5,000 Materials Engineer SALARY AED 15,500 Mechanical Draftsman SALARY AED 7,000 Mechanical Engineer SALARY AED 7,000 Mechanical Technician SALARY AED 6,000 Piping Engineer SALARY AED 10,500 Piping Supervisor SALARY AED 9,000 Planning Engineer SALARY AED 11,000 Process Engineer SALARY AED 14,500 Production Coordinator SALARY AED 5,000 Production Engineer SALARY AED 7,000 Production Incharge SALARY AED 5,500 Production Supervisor SALARY AED 6,500 Senior Electrical Engineer SALARY AED 20,000 Senior Electrical Technician SALARY AED 6,000 Senior Mechanical Engineer SALARY AED 23,500 Senior Planning Engineer SALARY AED 24,000 Senior Project Engineer SALARY AED 18,500 Senior Service Engineer SALARY AED 15,500 Senior Site Engineer SALARY AED 13,500 Senior Supervisor Salaries SALARY AED 8,000 Senior Surveyor SALARY AED 10,000 Senior System Engineer SALARY AED 16,000 Senior Technician SALARY AED 5,500 Service Engineer SALARY AED 7,500 Service Technician  SALARY AED 6,000 Support Engineer SALARY AED 6,000 Surveyor SALARY AED 6,000 Technical Assistant SALARY AED 7,000 Technical Clerk SALARY AED 5,000 Technical Consultant SALARY AED 11,500 Technical Engineer SALARY AED 5,500 Technical Supervisor SALARY AED 6,000 Technical Support Engineer SALARY AED 7,000 Telecommunication Engineer SALARY AED 7,000 Assistant Accounts Manager SALARY AED 8,500 Assistant Finance Manager SALARY AED 13,000 Business Analyst SALARY AED 15,000 Business Consultant SALARY AED 9,000 Chief Financial Officer SALARY AED 59,000 Credit Officer SALARY AED 7,500 Finance Assistant SALARY AED 6,000 Finance Director SALARY AED 64,000 Finance Executive SALARY AED 6,000 Finance Manager SALARY AED 21,500 Finance Officer SALARY AED 9,000 Financial Accountant SALARY AED 9,000 Financial Advisor SALARY AED 10,500 Financial Analyst SALARY AED 15,000 Financial Consultant SALARY AED 8,000 Financial Controller SALARY AED 25,000 Group Finance Manager SALARY AED 23,500 Group Financial Controller SALARY AED 36,500 Personal Banker SALARY AED 6,000 Personal Banking Advisor SALARY AED 8,500 Senior Analyst SALARY AED 16,500 Senior Associate SALARY AED 20,500 Senior Business Analyst SALARY AED 27,000 Senior Consultant SALARY AED 21,500 Senior Financial Analyst SALARY AED 19,500 Assistant Pharmacist SALARY AED 4,500 Chemist SALARY AED 7,000 Clinical Pharmacist SALARY AED 7,500 Dental Assistant SALARY AED 8,000 Dentist SALARY AED 16,000 Doctor SALARY AED 20,000 Medical Representative SALARY AED 14,500 Nurse  SALARY AED 7,500 Physiotherapist SALARY AED 13,500 Radiographer SALARY AED 10,000 Assistant HR Manager SALARY AED 10,000 Head Of HR SALARY AED 51,500 HR & Admin Manager SALARY AED 15,500 HR Administrator SALARY AED 6,500 HR Assistant SALARY AED 5,000 HR Business Partner SALARY AED 25,500 HR Consultant SALARY AED 8,000 HR Coordinator SALARY AED 6,000 HR Director SALARY AED 82,500 HR Executive SALARY AED 6,500 HR Generalist SALARY AED 8,500 HR Manager SALARY AED 18,000 HR Officer SALARY AED 7,500 Hr Recruiter SALARY AED 5,000 HR Specialist SALARY AED 11,000 HR Supervisor SALARY AED 12,000 Recruitment Consultant SALARY AED 7,000 Recruitment Coordinator SALARY AED 6,000 Recruitment Manager SALARY AED 18,500 Recruitment Officer SALARY AED 8,000 Recruitment Specialist SALARY AED 9,000 Senior HR Executive SALARY AED 8,000 Senior HR Officer SALARY AED 12,500SALARY AED Computer Operator SALARY AED 3,500 Computer Programmer SALARY AED 5,000 Database Administrator SALARY AED 7,500 Desktop Support Engineer SALARY AED 4,500 IT Administrator SALARY AED 5,500 IT Coordinator SALARY AED 7,000 IT Executive SALARY AED 6,000 IT Supervisor SALARY AED 7,000 IT System Administrator SALARY AED 10,000 Network Administrator SALARY AED 5,500 Network Engineer SALARY AED 7,000 Network Support Engineer SALARY AED 3,500 Senior Network Engineer SALARY AED 14,500 Senior Software Engineer SALARY AED 11,500 Software Developer SALARY AED 6,000 Software Engineer SALARY AED 8,500 Solution Architect SALARY AED 27,000 System Administrator SALARY AED 6,000 System Analyst SALARY AED 13,000 System Engineer SALARY AED 10,000 Web Developer SALARY AED 5,500 Legal Advisor SALARY AED 14,000 Legal Assistant SALARY AED 9,000 Legal Consultant SALARY AED 13,000 Legal Counsel SALARY AED 31,000 Legal Secretary SALARY AED 17,000 Assistant General Manager SALARY AED 16,500 Assistant Manager SALARY AED 9,000 Assistant Vice President SALARY AED 39,000 Associate Director SALARY AED 37,000 Associate Manager SALARY AED 14,500 Chief Executive Officer SALARY AED 68,000 Department Head SALARY AED 13,500 General Manager SALARY AED 41,000 Managing Director SALARY AED 50,000 Planning Manager SALARY AED 31,500 Plant Manager SALARY AED 27,000 Product Manager SALARY AED 18,000 Production Manager SALARY AED 17,000 Program Manager SALARY AED 43,500 Project Controls Manager SALARY AED 43,500 Project Director SALARY AED 75,500 Project Leader SALARY AED 19,500 Project Manager SALARY AED 24,500 Regional Director SALARY AED 74,500 Regional Manager SALARY AED 32,500 Retail Manager SALARY AED 16,500 Section Manager SALARY AED 10,000 Senior Manager SALARY AED 28,500 Senior Project Manager SALARY AED 43,000 Supply Chain Manager SALARY AED 22,500 Technical Director SALARY AED 58,500 Technical Lead SALARY AED 15,500 Technical Manager SALARY AED 20,500 Vice President SALARY AED 80,500 Assistant Marketing Manager SALARY AED 11,000 Brand Manager SALARY AED 25,500 Head Of Marketing SALARY AED 48,000 Marketing Assistant SALARY AED 5,500 Marketing Coordinator SALARY AED 7,000 Marketing Director SALARY AED 58,500 Marketing Manager SALARY AED 15,000 Marketing Officer SALARY AED 7,000 Marketing Specialist SALARY AED 7,500 PR Manager SALARY AED 16,500 Public Relations Officer SALARY AED 7,500 Senior Marketing Executive SALARY AED 11,500 Assistant Brand Manager SALARY AED 16,500 Bus Driver SALARY AED 4,500 Cargo Assistant SALARY AED 3,500 Driver SALARY AED 4,000 Factory Manager SALARY AED 19,000 Foreman SALARY AED 4,500 Forklift Operator SALARY AED 3,500 Head Of Operations SALARY AED 13,000 Inventory Controller SALARY AED 5,500 Logistics Manager SALARY AED 14,000 Logistics Officer SALARY AED 7,000 Logistics Supervisor SALARY AED 7,500 Machine Operator SALARY AED 4,000 Operations Assistant SALARY AED 5,000 Operations Coordinator SALARY AED 6,000 Operations Director SALARY AED 34,000 Operations Engineer SALARY AED 20,000 Operations Executive SALARY AED 5,000 Operations Officer SALARY AED 7,000 Operations Supervisor SALARY AED 8,000 Plant Operator SALARY AED 6,000 Production Operator SALARY AED 3,500 Stock Controller SALARY AED 4,000 Store Assistant SALARY AED 2,500 Store In Charge SALARY AED 4,500 Store Keeper SALARY AED 4,000 Store Manager SALARY AED 8,500 Store Supervisor SALARY AED 5,500 Warehouse Assistant SALARY AED 3,500 Warehouse In Charge SALARY AED 5,000 Warehouse Manager SALARY AED 9,500 Warehouse Supervisor SALARY AED 5,500 Security Guard SALARY AED 2,500 Security Manager SALARY AED 12,500 Security Officer SALARY AED 3,500 Security Supervisor SALARY AED 4,000 Merchandiser SALARY AED 4,000 Procurement Assistant SALARY AED 5,500 Procurement Coordinator SALARY AED 6,000 Procurement Engineer SALARY AED 9,000 Procurement Executive SALARY AED 8,500 Procurement Manager SALARY AED 17,500 Procurement Officer SALARY AED 7,000 Procurement Officer SALARY AED 7,000 Purchasing Assistant SALARY AED 4,500 Purchasing Coordinator SALARY AED 4,500 Purchasing Executive SALARY AED 6,000 Purchasing Manager SALARY AED 12,000 Purchasing Officer SALARY AED 6,500 Purchasing Supervisor SALARY AED 8,500 Senior Buyer SALARY AED 18,000 Senior Procurement SALARY AED 16,500 Project Quantity Surveyor SALARY AED 16,000 QA Engineer SALARY AED 8,500 QA Manager SALARY AED 17,000 Quality Analyst SALARY AED 6,000 Quality Inspector SALARY AED 4,000 Senior QA/QC Engineer SALARY AED 28,000 Senior Quantity Surveyor SALARY AED 24,000 Research Analyst SALARY AED 10,000 HSE Advisor SALARY AED 11,000 HSE Coordinator SALARY AED 9,500 HSE Engineer SALARY AED 12,000 HSE Manager SALARY AED 23,500 HSE Officer SALARY AED 6,500 HSE Supervisor SALARY AED 7,500 QHSE Manager SALARY AED 23,500 Safety Engineer SALARY AED 8,500 Safety Inspector SALARY AED 5,000 Safety Officer SALARY AED 5,500 Safety Supervisor SALARY AED 8,000 Senior Safety Officer SALARY AED 10,500 Account Assistant SALARY AED 4,000 Account Executive SALARY AED 6,500 Account Officer SALARY AED 5,000   Area Sales Manager SALARY AED 17,500 Assistant Manager Sales SALARY AED 11,500 Assistant Store Manager SALARY AED 7,000 Business Development Consultant SALARY AED 13,000 Corporate Sales Manager SALARY AED 16,000 Key Account Manager SALARY AED 15,500 Regional Sales Manager SALARY AED 29,000 Sales Account Manager  SALARY AED 11,500 Sales Administrator SALARY AED 7,000 Sales Advisor SALARY AED 4,000 Sales Agent  SALARY AED 5,500 Sales and Marketing Executive SALARY AED 6,500 Sales and Marketing Manager SALARY AED 15,000 Sales Assistant SALARY AED 4,000 Sales Attendant  SALARY AED 3,500 Sales Consultant SALARY AED 7,000 Sales Coordinator  SALARY AED 5,500 Sales Director  SALARY AED 29,500 Sales Engineer SALARY AED 9,000 Sales Executive SALARY AED 6,000 Sales Manager SALARY AED 14,500 Sales Merchandiser SALARY AED 4,000 Sales Officer SALARY AED 5,500 Sales Promoter SALARY AED 4,000 Sales Representative SALARY AED 5,000 Sales Specialist SALARY AED 9,500 Sales Staff SALARY AED 3,000 Sales Supervisor SALARY AED 7,000 Sales Team Leader SALARY AED 7,500 Senior Account Executive SALARY AED 13,500 Senior Account Manager SALARY AED 18,000 Senior Business Development Manager SALARY AED 16,000 Senior Sales Advisor SALARY AED 5,000 Senior Sales Assistant  SALARY AED 5,500 Senior Sales Associate SALARY AED 5,000 Senior Sales Consultant SALARY AED 5,500 Senior Sales Engineer  SALARY AED 15,000 Senior Sales Executive  SALARY AED 8,000 Senior Sales Manager SALARY AED 17,500 Senior Sales Officer SALARY AED 7,000 Technical Sales Engineer SALARY AED 9,500 Telesales Executive SALARY AED 4,500 Visual Merchandiser  SALARY AED 6,000 Translator SALARY AED 12,500 House Maids SALARY AED  700 – 3000 Security Guards  SALARY AED 2000- 4000 Drivers   SALARY AED  2000 -4000 Shop Assistant  SALARY AED 2000 Bank Teller   SALARY AED      4000                                                   Carpenter   SALARY AED    1000 - 2000                                                Cleaner   SALARY AED  800 - 1500                                                            Construction worker   SALARY AED  800 - 1500                       Bus Driver  SALARY AED 2000 - 4000                     Editor, newspaper   SALARY AED  6000                               Casual Laborer    Salary 1000        Lawyer   Salary  10000 - 20000 AED Nanny  Salary   AED 700   - 3000                                                       Waiter, Waitress     Salary 1000 -3000 AED      Petro Pump Attendant    1500 AED Office Boy  1000- 2000 AED Data Entry Clerks   1000- 2000 AED Typing Clerks  1000-  1500 AED Casual Jobs    8000- 1500 AED We have made our best to bring to you the list of average Salaries in Dubai and UAE. As we have mentioned earlier, these are just average salaries. The salaries listed here also do not differ much to the salaries in other Emirates. Abu Dhabi Jobs salaries, Ajman Jobs Salaries, Sharjah Jobs Salaries, Fujairah Jobs Salaries, Ras Al Khaimah Jobs Salaries and Umm Al Quwain Jobs Salaries may all be similar to the ones listed here 
Many people are looking for Hotel Jobs in Dubai . This has been helped by the growth in the hospitality sector across Dubai and the UAE. Fact is, Dubai hotel jobs are in plenty and it is not hard for job seekers to find hotel vacancies. This is because hotels employ people in a wide variety of roles. Searching for Dubai hotel jobs will require a job seeker to follow the convectional job search methods. has a full Category for Dubai Hotel Jobs , other websites may also have such categories. Apart from Job websites, you can also use door to door methods where you will have to drop your CVs to hotels around Dubai. Just make sure the CV is well written and be clear on which job roles you are willing to do. You can list more than one role so that you increase your chances of getting a Job easily. We will be listing the most popular hotel roles which you can choose from and implement in your Resume Dubai newspapers also list jobs in the Hospitality sector. Just get a copy and check for the latest jobs in Dubai hotels. However, you can also broaded your search to other Emirates, there are many Hotels Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Jobs in Sharjah Hotels, Jobs in Ajman Hotels, Ras Al Khaimah also has some good hotels. You can also extend your search to Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain For those looking for hotel Jobs, Here are some Roles you can apply for Reservations Agent Room Attendant Room Service Manager Room Service Worker Team Member Transportation Coordinator Valet Attendant Valet Parker Valet Parking Attendant Wedding Coordinator Wedding Sales Manager Backwaiter Banquet Server Banquet Manager Bartender Bar Staff Busser Cafe Manager Catering Manager Catering Sales Manager Chef Cook Dishwasher Food and Beverage Manager Food Runner Food Server Host Housekeeping Supervisor Lead Housekeeper Manager, Special Events Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance Worker Marketing Coordinator Meeting Coordinator Meeting Concierge Meeting Planner Meeting Specialist Meeting Manager Mini-Bar Attendant Night Auditor Night Clerk Porter Hostess Kitchen Team Member Kitchen Manager Restaurant Manager Server Wait Staff Waiter Waitress Bell Attendant Bellhop Bellman Bellperson Concierge Concierge Agent Crew Member Director of Hotel Sales Director of Hotel Operations Driver Event Planner Gardener Greeter Groundskeeper Group Sales Coordinator Group Sales Manager Guest Room Sales Manager Guest Services Associate Guest Services Coordinator Guest Services Manager Guest Service Representative Guest Services Supervisor Hotel Deposit Clerk Hotel Group Sales Manager Housekeeper Housekeeper Aide The jobs roles above are some of the Hotel Jobs which you can apply for in Dubai or the UAE as a whole. There are so many hotels where you can drop your CV. For a good start, here is a good list of Hotels in Dubai which you can begin within your job search, please remember that the list is not exhaustive. Some hotels may be missing. Tamani Hotel Marina    The Address Downtown Burj Dubai  The Address Dubai Mall  The Baron Hotel Apartments    The Country Club Hotel Dubai    The Monarch Dubai    The Palace The Old Town  The Palm Jumeirah    The Place Dubai  The Westin Dubai Mina Seyhai B    Topaz Living Courts  Towers Rotana    Traders Hotel Dubai    Tulip Inn Fz Llc    Villa Rotana    Zagy Arabian Suites   Courtyard Marriott Dubai Green    Cove Rotana Resort Ras Al Khaimah  Crowne Plaza Dubai  ,  Crowne Plaza Festival City    Crystal Living Courts  Dar Al Masyaf Madinat Jumeirah  ,  Desert Palm  Desert Rose Hotel Apartments    Dhow Palace Hotel    Dubai Deira    Dubai Marine Beach Hotel    Dubai Metropolitan Hotel    Dusit Dubai    Dusit Residence Dubai Marina  Emirates Concorde Hotel And Residence  ,  Exec Apts Green Community    Exp By Holiday Inn Dubai Safa    Exp By Holiday Inn Internet    Fairmont Dubai    Flora Grand Hotel    Flora Park Hotel Apartments  Four Points Bur Dubai    Four Points Downtown Dubai    Four Points Sheikh Zayed Rd    Golden Sands Hotel Apartments    Golden Square Suites  Golden Tulip Al Barsha    Golden Tulip Suites Dubai    Grand Hyatt Dubai    Grand Midwest Express  Grand Midwest Hotel Apartments    Grand Midwest Media City  Grand Millennium Dubai Hotel    Grand Moov Hotel  Grandeur Hotel  Green Lakes Serviced Apartments   4 Palms Dubai On The Palm Jumeirah    Al Bustan Residence Hotel    Al Bustan Rotana - Dubai    Al Deyafa  Apts    Al Jawhara Hotel Apartment    Al Khaleej Holiday Hotel    Al Khaleej Hotel    Al Khaleej Palace Hotel    Al Maha Desert Resort And Spa    Al Manzil Hotel    Al Murooj Rotana    Al Qasr Madinat Jumeirah    Almanar Hotel Apartments  Amwaj Rotana  Angsana Dubai    Arabian Courtyard Hotel And Spa    Arabian Park Hotel    Arjaan Dubai Media City    Atlantis Palm Jumeirah  Avari Dubai Hotel    Bavaria Executive Suites Dubai  Burj Al Arab    Burjuman Rotana Dubai    Carlton Tower Hotel    Chelsea Gardens Apartment Hotel  Chelsea Tower Hotel  City Seasons Hotel  City Seasons Hotel  Comfort Inn Hotel    Copthorne Hotel Dubai    Coral Al Khoory Htl Apt    Coral Boutique Hotel  Coral Boutique Villas  Coral Deira  Coral Oriental Hotel Dubai  Grosvenor West Marina Beach    Habtoor Grand Resort And Spa    Hallmark Hotel By Resort Bookings    Harbour Hotel And Residence    Hatta Fort Hotel  Hawthorn Hotel Deira   Le Meridien Fairway    Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Resort    Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort    London Crown  Htl Apartment  London Crown Ii Hotel  Lotus Boutique Hotel    Lotus Grand Hotel Apartments    Majestic Hotel    Marco Polo Hotel    Marriott Exec Apts Dubai Creek    Mayfair Hotel Dubai  ,  Media Rotana Dubai    Metropolitan Deira Hotel  ,  Metropolitan Palace Dubai    Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai    Mina A Salam Madinat Jumeirah    Minc Al Barsha  Miramar El Aqah Beach Resort  Moevenpick Hotel Bur Dubai    Moon Valley Hotel Apartments  Nihal Hotel Dubai    Novotel Deira City Centre  Novotel Dubai World Trade Center  ,  Nuran Greens  Nuran Marina Serviced Residences  Oaks Liwa Heights    Oasis Beach Tower Apartments  Oasis Court Hotel Apartments  One And Only Arabian Court    One And Only Residence And Spa    One And Only Royal Mirage Palce    Palm Beach    Palm Tree Court At Jebel Ali    Park Hyatt Dubai    Pearl Continental Hotel Apts    Qamardeen Hotel    Rad Sas Hotel Dubai Media City    Rad Sas Htl Dubai Deira Creek    Rad Sas Residence Dubai Marina    Raffles Dubai    Ramada Dubai  ,  Ramada Dubai  ,  Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel    Ramee Royal Hotel  Regal Plaza Hotel    Regent Beach Resort -Jumeirah    Regent Palace Hotel    Renaissance Dubai    Residence Deira By Le Meridien    Richmond Hotel Apartments    Rihab Rotana    Rimal Rotana    Ritz-Carlton Dubai    Rose Garden Htl Apt  Rose Rotana Dubai  Royal Ascot Hotel    Royal Tulip Bur Dubai  Rydges Plaza Dubai    Samaya Hotel    Savoy Suites Hotel Apartments  Seashell Inn Hotel    Seaview Hotel    Seven Sands Apartments Hotel    Shangri La Dubai    Sheraton Deira Hotel Dubai    Sheraton Dubai Creek Htl Twr    Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort    Sofitel Dubai City Centre  ,  Somerset Jadaf    Star Boutique Hotel Apartment    Star Metro Al Barsha Hotel Apartments  Star Metro Deira Hotel Apartments  Taj Palace Hotel Dubai   Highland Hotel    Hilton Dubai Creek    Hilton Dubai Jumeirah    Holiday Inn Downtown    Holiday Inn Dubai Al Barsha    Holiday Inn Exp Dubai-Jumeirah    Hotel St George  , Eur  Hotel St George  , Eur  Hyatt Regency Dubai And Galleria    Ibis Deira City Centre    Ibis Mall Of The Emirates  Ibis World Trade Centre Dubai  ,  Intercontinental Dubai Festiva    Jebel Ali Hotel  Jormand Hotel Apartments  Jumeira Rotana    Jumeirah Bab Al Shams    Jumeirah Beach Club Resort And Spa    Jumeirah Beach Hotel    Jumeirah Emirates Towers    Jumeirah Living - Wtcr  Jw Marriott Dubai    Karama Hotel    Kazis Iconic Hotel Apartments    Kempinski Hotel Mall Of The Emirates    Khalidia Hotel Apartments    Khatt Hotel    Kirklees Hotel Apartment    Kirklees Hotel Apartment   K-Porte Inn Dubai   Eur  Landmark    Landmark Plaza    Landmark Suites Deira    Layia Oak Hotel And Suites  Le Meridien Al Sondos Suites    Le Meridien Dar Al Sondos    Le Meridien Dubai   As I mentioned earlier, Hotels Jobs in Dubai can easily be found when you employ the best job search methods. You can select any hotel roles above and drop your CV to any of hotels above. You can also register your CV on this website so that Dubai Hotel employers can find you. You just need to Sign Up for an account then Login and Upload your CV. We also send your Jobs to your email if you subscribe in the Email subscription box on our home page. Dubai Hotel Jobs
Jobs in Dubai Free zones are some of the most sought after Jobs in Dubai . Those who are looking for jobs in Dubai know so well the importance of working in Free Zone. Free Zones are areas with favorable conditions for foreigners to set up their companies are business. Companies in Free Zone can be 100% foreign owned, they are exempted from cooperate taxes (time bound and renewable) and the owners are also exempted from personal taxes That makes it possible for those companies to have higher profits which in turn lead to high salaries. This is why many people would want to get Jobs in Dubai Free Zones. It mainly due to the high salaries to the workers in Free Zones Companies in Free zones are also free from the UAE labour laws, that why they are called “Free” zones. For example, its illegal for a person to move from one job to another in UAE before end of contract. But if your Visa is canceled, you can still be illegible to get a job in a Free Zone Different free zones may have specifics sectors which they target. If you also want to target a specific sector, you may need to target a specific free zone.  However, some job categories cross cut in that they can be found in all free zones. Jobs like Receptionists, Administrators, Secretaries, Cashiers, Cleaners, IT Specialists and many others can be found in nearly all Free Zones in Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority Also known as JAFZA,  is one of the largest free zones with hundreds of multinational companies including more than 100 companies in the Fortune 500. This makes it a good search place for a wonderful job Dubai Internet City (DIC) If you are looking for Information Technology giants, and other IT and Software related companies, this may be the best place for you to try your job search. Some of the large companies found in in DIC include Google, Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, HP, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Canon, Logica, Sony Ericsson, and Cisco.  And as you well know, such companies provide very high salaries Dubai Media City (DMC) This would be the best place for those who want to work in Media houses, publishing companies, Production and Advertising agencies. With more than 1500 companies registered in this free zone, it becomes a great place for any job seeker in Dubai Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) Dubai Airport Freezone is one of the largest free zones in Dubai. It also contributes a large porton of the GDP of Dubai. This free Zone has more than 1700 companies which makes it a good search place for those looking for Jobs in Dubai. This free has companies from  key industry sectors including electronic and electrical, IT and telecommunications, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, engineering and building materials, aerospace and aviation, logistics and freight, food and beverage, jewelry and precious stones as well as luxury items. I would advise job seekers in Dubai to try this Free Zones Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) This is also a luxury Dubai free zone for those who want to find jobs. Here is where you will find companies like SAP, Fujitsu, AMD, Euromonitor International, Western Digital, Synopsys, Corning, GenX Systems, Schneider Electric, Brand Impact Marketing and Valustrat. It is also a great place for those looking for vacancies in IT, telecom, Bio-tech, automobile, aerospace, oil and gas, alternative energy, electrical, electronic, engineering and Mobile technologies Other zones for those who want Jobs in Dubai free zones include the following Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone (DUCAMZ) also known as Dubai Auto Zone Dubai Design District Dubai Healthcare City Dubai International Academic City Dubai International Financial Centre Dubai Knowledge Village Dubai Gold and Diamond Park Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) International Media Production Zone Dubai Production City Dubai World Central (Dubai South) Dubai Studio City Dubai Auto Zone Dubai Cars and Automotive Zone Dubai Design District Dubai Flower Centre Dubai Industrial City Dubai Logistics City Dubai Maritime City Authority Dubai Outsource Zone Dubai Science Park Dubai Techno Park (New name: National Industries Complex) Dubai Textile City Energy and Environment Park Jumeirah Lakes Towers Free Zone Dubai Production City The list above is a good start for those needing vacancies in the Free Zones of Dubai. You can visit any of them and drop your CV at of the companies.  Many Jobs are being offered to job seekers in those Free Zones. Just make sure you have a good CV which will be attractive to the employer
Many people come to UAE looking for Sales Jobs in Dubai.  Dubai is a modern city with many multinational companies which has let to availability of jobs in Sales.  There are many people coming from all parts of the world to look for employment opportunities. At this moment, Indians make up the majority of foreign workers followed by Pakistanis and Filipinos. Others include Bangladeshis and many Africans Sales jobs in Dubai can be found in nearly all sectors, there are Dubai sales jobs in the Banking sector , Sales jobs in the Hospitality industry and many other industries and sectors including the service sector. Actually, Sales Jobs in Dubai are very popular compared to other jobs. Since Dubai is a business city with many people coming from parts of the world to make trade from here, selling then becomes a major job category. Business men try to sale to the many traders coming from all parts of the world plus sales to the population here The easiest way to find Sales Jobs in Dubai is through Jobs websites. Many websites have Sales Jobs in Dubai Category.  On Amito Jobs which is currently the most popular websites for Dubai sales Jobs, you can see a Category for Sales Jobs on the home page.  You will find hundreds of jobs and you will be able to apply for any. You can also register your CV so that you can easily be found be found an by employers Some of the most popular employment opportunities under sales include; Sales Representatives,    Account Executive, Outside Salesperson Account Manager Inside Salesperson Sales Support Sales Engineer Business Development Managers Account Managers Sales Support Development reps Territory Representative Direct sales Indirect sales Online sales Tele sales Door to door sales Business to business sales Sales Assistant Field Sales Sales Account Executive And many others Actually, You can find sales jobs in the Real Estate Sector, Medical Sales Jobs, Manufacturing, Independent sales or even IT sales Jobs. As a sales person, you will be expected to sell retail products, goods and services to customers. You will need to work with customers to generate leads and ensure a smooth buying process. You will also be required to have good communication skills, customer care skills and persistence. Normally, people with at least a high school qualification are considered for these jobs though education requirements normally change depending on a particular job. The main Job roles under the sales jobs category include the following; You may be required to Present, promote and sell products/services Establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships You may be required to organize sales visits to client in Dubai and other parts of UAE Demonstrating and presenting products to customers Coordinate sales effort with team members and other departments Greet and assist customers as they shop for new products Suggest applicable and relevant upsells to help customers walk out the door with everything they need Learn how products work and how to troubleshoot issues with customers Reviewing sales performance is also key since many sales jobs also have a commission component Negotiating contracts and packages around Dubai and other Emirates Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule Analyze the territory/market’s potential, track sales and status reports Prepare and submit weekly sales reports to management It will also be your role to maintain records of sales and customers for follow up and giving the necessary feedback to management. A good sales person should also attend some seminars and exhibitions though this is normally catered for by the employer Since Dubai is a big city, identifying new markets is a key component It is good to know that Dubai is not the only area in Dubai where you can find sales jobs, even though many people concentrate their job search around Dubai, you can also easily find Sales Jobs in Abu Dhabi, Sales Jobs in Ajman, Sharjah . Sales Jobs in Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Sales in Umm Al Quwain.  However, its is easier to get jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi followed by Ajman and Sharjah It will also be good to get a copy of a current news paper and check the job section. There are many sales jobs which are listed everyday all over the United Arab Emirates. The many recruitment agencies in UAE can also be of a great help for anyone looking for a Job in Dubai. The most popular method of job search while in Dubai has been the Door to Door job search methods where job seekers drop their CV in any place they suspect to have a job. Sales Jobs in Dubai can really be rewarding to depending on the performance. Some people are earning thousands of dollars very month and the less performers end up getting little money. It will also depend on the type of Sales Job you have got. Some have fixed benefits yet others do not have
Bangladesh is a country with millions of people which means that there are many Job seekers in the country.  Many people in Bangladesh would like to have Bank Jobs Circulars or Government Jobs Circulars. However, due to the great competition, many Job seekers in Bangladesh have found themselves in a situation where they have to look for Jobs from abroad. The most common country has always been the United Arab  Emirates where we currently have many Bangladeshis doing all kinds of jobs from Low end jobs to high end jobs. The current population of Bangladeshis in UAE is nearly coming to one million Most of the Bangladeshis are staying in Dubai, which is also the most developed and most populated Emirate. The second majority stays in Abu Dhabi which is also the capital city of UAE. Other Emirates like Sharjah, Ajman also have a sizable number of Bangladeshis. The least population is found in the Emirates of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain People from all parts of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Barisal, Sylhet, Chittagong, Rangpur, Dinajpur and others find jobs in Dubai in many ways. Most of them search for Jobs online through the many Jobs in Bangladesh websites just like it is with people searching for Hot Jobs in Uganda . This is done by checking for current jobs in Dubai online. It is one of the easiest ways to get Jobs in Dubai since its time saving given the fact that many people can now access internet. It is also cheaper Many people also use Recruitment companies which work in conjunction with other companies in UAE to outsource labor. Even though this method is good, Some Recruitment companies charge a lot of money from job seekers which normally scare them off. Some job seekers also have to wait long periods of time to be called for Interview In the recent times, many people are coming to Dubai on Visit Visas and the search for Jobs from here.  This is becoming a popular was looking for jobs in UAE. However, the down side of it is that some people may fail to get a job after spending a lot. However, those who apply good job search methods normally get jobs in time  
You can now easily get Jobs in Dubai unlike it was before. Dubai has opened up greatly to foreign workers and expats who are actively backing up the small Dubai native population.  However, there are many people who have failed to get Jobs in Dubai due to many reasons. Many of those come to Dubai with Visits Visas which expire before they get Jobs . This article is going to be of very great help for those who want to get Dubai Jobs. Keep reading About Dubai Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates, the others being Abu Dhabi,  Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm al Quwain. However, Dubai is the most developed Emirate of UAE and many Job seekers concentrate on Dubai as a job hunt ground.  The city has emerged as the major city of the Middle East and a global city of business. This has led to availability of jobs in many sectors like tourism, aviation, real estate, financial services, construction and others. The city now has nearly 3000000 residents Common Jobs in Dubai There are a variety of jobs in Dubai, but some are not as common as others. There are also many high end jobs but they normally require some good experience and they have great competitions. The most readily available jobs are the low end jobs like Nanny Jobs Driver Jobs Security Guard Jobs Customer Care Jobs Domestic Worker Jobs Waiter and Waitress Jobs Cleaning Jobs Sales Marketing Jobs And many other jobs.  Dubai Job Search Searching for Jobs in Dubai is not as tricky as many people may think, there are many offices, shops, malls and companies which always need workers.  Many people who come to Dubai always print hundreds of CVs which they drop in many places. This looks to be a popular way of finding jobs in Dubai but we are going to see some easier ways. However, this method, though tiresome, but it really works. Dropping your CVs in offices, shops, supermarkets, companies, hotels, restaurants, malls and other places in Dubai has been a successful gamble in the past. It is always good to have some money on you so that you don’t walk by foot to all places, in some places you can take up a bus or a taxi to simplify on your movements Jobs in Dubai Websites For many people looking for Jobs in Dubai, the first point of contact are the online job portals. Fact is, these job portals have been of a great help to many people looking for jobs in Dubai. Here is a list of the top 3 websites for Jobs in Dubai Amito Jobs is now a popular jobs in Dubai website. Actually, that whey you are even here. Its because you were able to find us. Amito Jobs is very easy to navigate of you need a Job in Dubai. There is a full category of Jobs in Dubai which you just click on so easily. You will even be able to instantly chose a job category which you want. At, you can even register to get Jobs in your Email for free. You will then get latest Dubai Jobs in your Email daily. Amito Jobs also updates with current jobs in Dubai daily. WeJobz We jobs is also listed here because of its uniqueness. The website does not list jobs as other job portals. However, they list the companies which are hiring in Dubai and a job seeker is able to click on the links provided. The website also has push notifications for those who may need them. They also have a really huge social following Bayt This one is a great site for those who need Jobs in Dubai. Bayt also lists jobs for all other countries in the Middle East like Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, and Qatar. They also have a great ranking in search Engines. Bayt also updates with current jobs in Dubai Well, there are so many websites for Jobs in Dubai and a job seekers is advised to check out multiple job portals. Since Dubai is an expensive city, staying without a job can really be costly. That’s why it would not hurt to check out all the available options for jobs in Dubai   Recruitment Agencies in Dubai Well, Dubai has a good number of Recruitment agencies which help people get Jobs. Below is a list of the most popular one NADIA Also known as NADIA Recruitment & Management Consulting, This is one of the largest Recruitment agencies in Dubai. Founded in 1983, Nadia has been instrumental in shaping the recruitment and training industry in the GCC region for many years. Nearly a half a million people have so far found Jobs In UAE and Dubai through Nadia. You can visit Nadia offices at Sheikh Zayed Road ,Al Moosa Tower - 2, Level 23, Dubai   Charterhouse Middle East Charterhouse is a popular recruitment agency with lots of jobs in Dubai. The company opened the Middle East office in 2004 and has since been active in helping job seekers find jobs not only in Dubai but also in other places of UAE and neighboring countries . If you want to know how Chaterhouse can help you to get a job in Dubai, please visit them at their office at Suite 302 Maze Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai ManpowerGroup ManpowerGroup is one of the largest recruitment agencies in Dubai. Many people in Dubai have got jobs through them; they also have a strong global foothold present in more than 80 countries.  ManpowerGroup serves both large and small organizations across all industry sectors through four main brands and offerings and many large and companies In UAE depend on them for their recruitment needs. Job seekers in Dubai can visit Man Power Group at Building 1, Office 204, Dubai Internet City Robert Half Robert Half is one of the oldest recruiting firms in the whole world dating as far as 1948. They also have a very strong presence in UAE and they are very trusted. Robert Half is a recognised leader in professional staffing and consulting services. You can submit a CV with them for easy reference to you in case they get a job matching you. You can also visit their offices for more Jobs at Dubai International Financial Centre, (DIFC) Gate Village 1, Level 1 Micheal Page This is one international recruitment firm which I did not want to leave out. Micheal Page has a lot of employers in Dubai who depend on them for their recruitment needs.  You can also bank your CV with Micheal Page to make you job search easy. Alternatively, you can visit their offices at Al Fattan Currency House Tower -1. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) , Office No. 202, Dubai, Other Recruitment Agencies Dubai has many recruitment Agencies and its not very possible to write about all of them, however, some other goods one for those who need jobs in Dubai include; Hays, UHRS, BacMe , HerTz Consultancy, Reach Group, Alnahiya, Empower Recruitment, Candorz, Manpower Supply, Experts Recruitment, Sparkmos, Star Services, Kawader, Sumaco and many others You can take your CV to any of them and they will surely help you in your Job search Dubai Jobs Tips There are some simple rules which must be followed if you really want to get Jobs in Dubai easily. You can go though them below; Be Social As the old saying goes, no man is an island, being social is one of the key issues which will help you to quickly get that job in Dubai. Join Whatsapp groups of your community, it can be communities of your home country or even people of related interests like Job seekers who are already in Dubai. Many Jobs opportunities in Dubai are always shared through these groups and very many people have got jobs through them. There are also many facebook groups and pages which are specifically for Jobs in Dubai. You can check out our page Facebook page for more job opportunities. Many of those groups share information on the latest Walk in interviews in Dubai Organize your CV Make sure you have a well written and well organized CV, it is better to give your CV to your friends so that they can give you a fair critique. Be fair with your CV by avoiding lies. A good CV will land you a job in Dubai faster. Dubai News Paper Jobs You can also find latest jobs in Dubai from news papers. Most news papers in Dubai have careers sections where new jobs are posted. Its a good idea to always have a copy and apply Security Tips There are many conmen who are bent on scamming desperate Job seekers in Dubai. Many of them even go far as posting fake jobs on some Dubai Jobs websites so as to collect people’s information. They will then pretend to offer a job to a job seeker and ask for money in the process. Job seekers in Dubai are advised never to pay any money to any one claiming to offer a job in exchange for money. The Dubai laws even do not allow asking for money from job seekers. The employer is supposed to pay for the Visa of the employee. Infographics Useful Links